Thirteenth Hour Haunted Attraction in Indy

If you’re looking for some Spooky Season fun right near Indy, head to Thirteenth Hour! They are back open at a brand new location for their fifth season of scaring. It’s only about 15 minutes from downtown, and has multiple haunted attractions all in one.

We had so much fun going through Thirteenth Hour’s immersive walk through experience! They focus on creating an entertaining experience with immersive theatre performances instead of simply scaring you. There are themes and storylines involved, and you never know what to expect next. The sets, actors and makeup were FANTASTIC, and it shows their team puts a lot of work into it all. It’s not easy to scare me but they definitely pulled it off. It was the perfect way to kick off October!

Some of the different houses include the Cartocker Expeditions, Widows Walk Cemetary, Cathedral of Souls and Mine No. 13. You walk through them all in one continuous experience, and the sets designs are movie quality! Each one goes all out with their theme, but I won’t share too much more to avoid spoiling the scares!

They’re open weekends now through 10/30, and you can purchase a variety of passes including general admission, Fast Pass and Instant Access (we skipped the line and made it through the whole thing in under an hour with this one!) If you’re looking for a spot very close to Indy that skips over all the fluff and gets straight to the scares, this is a great option!

For more information and to book tickets, visit:

Happy haunting!


915 S. Shortridge Road

Indianapolis, IN 46239

2022 Dates:

Saturday 9/24/2022 – Sunday 10/30/2022

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