Wedding Dress Shopping at Sophia’s Bridal & Tux

In case you missed it, I recently said YES to the dress! I honestly still can’t believe it when I hear myself say that out loud.

It really was the perfect moment too. You know that moment like you see on TV where they ask if you’re saying yes to the dress, you say yes, obviously, and then there are tears. There was the veil, the champagne, me in need of a tissue so I don’t get mascara on said dress… the works.

My entire dress shopping experience went so smoothly thanks to Sophia’s Bridal & Tux. I’ve known since the day that I got engaged that I wanted to go there to shop. I’ve followed them on Instagram ever since we went shopping for one of my bridesmaid’s dress there a few years ago, and I have loved looking at their wide selection!

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, Sophia’s takes it to the next level by offering a “Royal Treatment” option. This is essentially a private shopping experience for you and your entourage (Mom, MOH, bridesmaids, whoever!). The store is closed for you and your dress judges to scour the selection and hunt down that perfect one just for you.

For my Royal Treatment shopping experience, we showed up to the cutest setup which included snacks and mimosas of course! The Sophia’s team did such a great job selecting a mix of sweet + savory bites for my entourage to snack on while I contemplated things like ballgown or mermaid, and sleeves or no sleeves. Very important decisions are being made while you dress shop, so fuel is definitely needed!


There are a few more fun surprises included as a part of the Royal Treatment appointment, but I’ll keep those to myself so you can be surprised too if you book one yourself! My Maid of Honor had the cutest little signs made for while I tried on dresses. They said things like “Hmm Maybe” “Thank you, next” and “Say yes to the dress!” These were such a fun way for my entourage to rank each dress as I tried them on!


Since we had the entire store to ourselves with the Royal Treatment style appointment, I felt like I had plenty of time to browse through all of the selections without feeling like I was being rushed. The store is well organized by dress style such as A-line, ballgown, fitted, mermaid, etc.

Even though I went in with an idea of the style of dress I wanted I still made sure to pick out a couple different ones! You never know what you want until you actually try some on, so I definitely recommend doing that.

dress shopping78

Now, on to trying on dresses!

*Note: None of the dresses pictured in this blog post are “the one.” Sorry, that one will have to be a surprise!


My Sophia’s stylist, Gina, was SO great at finding me the perfect dress that I was picturing in my mind. After trying on about 13 or 14 dresses (I was starting to lose count!) I began saying things like “I like the top of this one, but the bottom of that one, but the detail on this other one” and she immediately knew what to do! She ran to grab a dress that was exactly what I was describing and it was PERFECT. I had somehow overlooked it while browsing the aisles, but she knew exactly where it was which I am so thankful for.

This goes to show just how important having a great stylist is! After putting this one on, I knew it was for sure the one. I tried on my previous two favorites and then my entire entourage knew too. So I put “the one” back on, they added the veil, handed me some champagne, and then came the waterworks. Throughout my wedding planning process, I had easily been able to imagine the reception, but it wasn’t until I was standing there with my perfect dress on that I really could picture the ceremony in full. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle in his dress!


I had such an amazing experience dress shopping at Sophia’s Bridal & Tux, and I can not recommend it enough! If you want more information on booking a Royal Treatment appointment, you can visit: 

Looking to get multiple items checked off your list? Sophia’s carries wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and tuxedos. They have three locations around Indy including one on the southside (where we went), Fishers, and Columbus.



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  1. Ahh Sierra this is so exciting! You look gorgeous in all of them, I imagine it was hard to choose! Can’t wait to see what beautiful dress you’ve picked!

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