Super Bowl Sunday with Capriotti’s

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, the halftime show, or the commercials. Me? I’m definitely only watching it for the food.

Chips & dip are always a good place to start, but your guests need some real food for the big game. Our game day goodies were provided by Capriotti’s this year, and I was blown away at how great their catering options were! Did I mention that their sandwiches are award-winning?


Capriotti’s offers a variety of large group options such as sandwich trays, a meatball bar, salads, sides and desserts. We went with the large Sample Party Tray, a couple of sides and a large cookie and brownie tray. My favorite sandwich was definitely “The Bobbie” which is one of their most popular one ones. It’s got turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. If you’re thinking to yourself that sounds like Thanksgiving, you’re right, and it’s delicious.


We also tried the Cole Turkey, which is slow-roasted turkey, cole slaw, provolone cheese, Russian Dressing and Mayo. This was definitely a close second for me, because I’m a big fan of putting cole slaw on sandwiches. Some others we tried are the Italian sub and the Slaw Be Jo.


The sides and desserts were fantastic too. Every year around the holidays I’m saying how we should eat stuffing year-round, and Capriotti’s appears to be way ahead of me. The cookie & brownie tray was definitely a crowd-pleaser.


Overall, I was really impressed with Capriotti’s catering options. I can definitely see this being the perfect go-to for work related lunches, meetings, family get togethers, parties and more. I’ll definitely be ordering again!

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