Boozy Holiday Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails.

I’ve created a list of the perfect boozy gifts for those in your life who appreciate a good drink. Skip the pre-packaged gift set you typically snag last minute in the grocery store aisle and opt for one of these thoughtful presents. Most of these items are either local, OR have fast, efficient shipping options to get them wrapped up under the tree in time.

1. Wine Folly: The Essential Guide

Wine Folly Book

I was over the moon to receive the Wine Folly book last year. I’ve been a self-proclaimed wino for awhile now, but at that point in time my knowledge consisted of common misconceptions like “red is dry, white is sweet,” and boy is that not even accurate. There is so much that goes into what makes each variety unique, different style of grapes, which glass to use, what food to pair it with, how it’s served, etc. This book covers it ALL.

The best part? It’s all written in terms any beginner can understand, and includes all the illustrations, charts and graphs you could ever need. Some of the sections include: Wine Fundamentals, Styles of Wine, Wine Regions and more. We’ve had so much fun pulling out our Wine Folly book each night while cooking dinner to look up which wine will pair best.

This book is the first edition, or the “Essentials Guide.” I do know that they launched a “Masters Guide” this past fall, but I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet. They also have wine region maps, posters, tasting journals, etc. I trust any of the Wine Folly products would make a great gift!

You can order the Wine Folly: Essentials Guide directly from their website here: Wine Folly Website OR you can order it directly through Amazon Prime here! Who doesn’t love that option?

2. Splash Wines Curated Cases

IMG_6889 (1)
Splash Wines

You know what pairs well with gifting someone a book about wine?


I first received a case of wine through Splash Wines last year, and it’s my absolute favorite way to purchase wine now. We’ve had so much fun trying out new bottles from all over the world and learning about the new varieties we never would’ve had the chance to try otherwise. They have tons of different curated cases and you typically always have the options of choosing all reds, all whites, or a mixture. I love going with the variety pack since I’m trying to learn about all different kinds. You can also build your own case!

Most of their cases come with 15 bottles, and the cases range in pricing from $79+. I use my Vivino app to scan each label in when I unpack the case (for tasting notes, pairing recommendations, etc.) and have also noticed most of these bottles are worth much more than the price I paid, but since I’m ordering through Splash Wines each one ends up being around $4-$6. These prices can’t be beat for the quality of wine you’re receiving. This is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a gift for a wine lover!

If you don’t want to gift one person an entire case, you could order one and gift individual bottles to multiple people. I promise they’ll be impressed to not receive a another recognizable grocery store bottle.

The best part is that you can recieve $10 off when you use the code “SIERRA10” at checkout! The shipping is also fast and efficient. I’ve always received my orders within a week, so there’s plenty of time before the holidays. You can place an order on their website: 

3. DrinkAde


This stuff is the hangover cure we’ve all been waiting for. DrinkAde is such a  thoughtful gift for someone in your life who goes out often and feels it the next morning. You’d be surprised how much they’ll appreciate it.

DrinkAde products are a healthy vitamin blend that help support the body in neutralizing toxins, restoring vital nutrients and rehydrating the body. Basically they help prevent or reduce the symptoms of a hangover. They’re made up of a natural vitamin blend, amino acids, nutrients, and minerals. Best part is that they’re sugar free, gluten free, and only five calories per serving.

All you do is drink one of these before/after a night out to avoid the headache the next morning. I tested them out over Halloween weekend and they really worked! I know I’d be ecstatic to receive these as a stocking stuffer.

You can order Drinkade through Amazon Prime, or on their website: 

4. Amazing Hazels Bloody Mary Mix

Amazing Hazels Bloody Mary Mix


Amazing Hazel’s is a local company that began when Dave VanWye started making chili sauce using his grandmother’s famous recipe. After awhile, customers started telling him how great it would be as a Bloody Mary mix. He came up with Amazing Hazel’s Bloody Mary Mix while simultaneously reducing food waste from making their chili sauce.

I’m typically very picking about Bloody Marys since they tend to be too watered down any time I order one at a restaurant. Amazing Hazels’ mix is the total opposite of that and is the perfect base for any Bloody Mary. It’s considered “zesty,” meaning it’s not too spicy but still full of flavor. My favorite thing about the mix is definitely that it’s made with fresh ginger, which in my opinion is a GAME CHANGER for pre-made mixes.

A jar would be the perfect gift for a bloody mary fan, especially paired with a mini bottle of vodka as a DIY gift set. You can find Amazing Hazel’s Bloody Mary Mix at Kahn’s Fine Wines, several Fresh Thyme stores, Eagle Creek Liquors, Moody’s in Zionsville, a Taste of Indiana and more. Check out their website for the full list of retailer locations:

5. Locally Distilled Spirits

Locally Distilled Spirits

A bottle of liquor is a very common gift during the holiday season. I recommend upgrading that and adding the personal touch of a locally distilled bottle. This comes off as much more thoughtful that another pre-packaged gift set from the grocery store. Some of my favorite distilleries right here in Indy are West Fork Whiskey, Hotel Tango and 1205 Distillery.

West Fork Whiskey has a variety of whiskey options, including 2 award-winning bourbons. They also have a a cinnamon-infused whiskey, which would be perfect for some Christmas day cocktails. Pair them with a giftcard to the distillery tasting room and they’re the perfect gift!

6. Cocktail Shaker Kit

Cocktail Shaker Kit

I first received a cocktail shaker kit along with a recipe book a couple of year’s ago for Christmas from my boyfriend. Whether or not he just wanted me to start making us fancy drinks is unclear, but it’s really what got me into making drinks and drink photography.

These can be found pretty much anywhere, but I always see great deals on kits at Bed, Bath & Beyond! Here is a 9-piece kit that comes with two shakers, a strainer, shot glass, muddler and a bar spoon for only $29. I’ve seen just individual mini shakers retail around $14.99 at places like Meijer and Walmart, so these kits are a great deal.

Another one of my favorites is this Dial A Drink shaker at Bed, Bath & Beyond. You can twist the shaker to different recipes and the ingredients will line up. This is perfect for having the recipe at your fingertips, literally.

7. Glassware Sets


It may not seem that important, but drinks definitely taste best served in the proper glasses. For example, red wine in a glass with a larger bowl, champagne in a flute, and mules in a copper cup.

Complete sets of wine glasses can be found anywhere, I received this set from Macy’s last year for Christmas and love them! They’re fancy, but not so thin that you feel like you’re going to break one just picking it up. It comes with red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and champagne glasses.



Really any of thes gifts would be perfect for whoever in your life appreciates a good drink, or even those who could just use one! Merry Christmas & happy shopping!






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