Halloweekend Recap with DrinkAde – The Hangover Cure

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we can’t exactly drink like we did in college anymore. This is especially true for me- I’m typically in bed by 10pm most nights, and I rarely consume more that 2 or so alcoholic beverages anymore unless it’s a special occasion. Birthdays, bachelorette parties, St. Patricks Day, the Indy 500 – you get the picture. That being said, Halloween is DEFINITELY a special occasion in my book, and it’s also no time to be dragged down by a hangover.

I’ve been so excited to test out DrinkAde, and I knew that celebrating Halloweekend with my friends would be the perfect opportunity!


DrinkAde products are a healthy vitamin blend that help support the body in neutralizing toxins, restoring vital nutrients and rehydrating the body. Basically they help prevent or reduce the symptoms of a hangover. They’re made up of a natural vitamin blend, amino acids, nutrients, and minerals. Best part is that they’re sugar free, gluten free, and only five calories per serving.

It’s know as “The drink before you drink” and that’s exactly how we tested it out. There’s two different types, Limeade and Berry. Limeade is labeled as “Prevention” and Berry is labeled as “Prevention or Recovery.” I tried out the Limeade prior to drinking on Friday night, and my friend Dafne tried the Berry prior to drinking.

While we didn’t go too overboard on the booze, we definitely drank enough that we for sure should have had a hangover the next morning. To our surprise we both woke up feeling just fine! Neither of us felt like we needed to even have the “Recovery” one the next morning, drinking the “Prevention” prior to going out worked wonders.


Not having any trace of a hangover going into Halloweekend night #2 was a great start, and we all tried the Prevention (Limeade) again prior to going out. The results the next morning were the same!


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how well DrinkAde’s Hangover Cure worked! I definitely am planning to keep this on hand, as well as make it a must-have for any special occasions such as bachelorette weekends, etc.

I’m honestly not sure what the best part of Halloweekend was, from our Cleopatra and Caesar costume becoming a viral meme, to not having a hangover thanks to DrinkAde. This Halloweekend was definitely one for the books.

You can find out more about DrinkAde on their website, and you can even purchase it through Amazon Prime here. I’m about to place another order myself.



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