DIY Fondue With SoChatti Chocolate

Chocolate is always the answer, who cares what the question is.

I’m always down for fondue, so I was really excited to try out SoChatti chocolate. SoChatti is small-batch chocolate designed to be served warm or melted, as well as for baking. The best part? It’s DAIRY-FREE, which is fantastic for someone like me who has a lactose intolerance. It’s also soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, and kosher so it’s perfect for pretty much everyone!


I decided to host a fondue night for my family using SoChatti to try it out, and it could not have been more simple to use! The chocolate comes in packages that can be warmed up simply by placing them in warm water, or using one of SoChatti’s official warmers which can be preordered on their website.


One packet would be perfect for to 2-3 people, but I would recommend using two packets for a larger group. I warmed up two packets of the dark chocolate just by placing them in warm water for about a half hour. They warmed up while I setup the rest of the items for dipping.


Some of the items I chose for dipping included strawberries (of course!), vanilla wafers, marshmallows, graham crackers, pretzel rods, bananas, and plain cake donut holes. You can really use anything you want, because so many things taste great covered in chocolate!



I also found this adorable little fondue warmer on Amazon Prime for only $14.99. It comes with a tea-light candle and kept the fondue warm fine, just make sure you stir it every so often. I plan to try it out with queso or cheese fondue also!


Once I had everything setup, the SoChatti was warmed up and so easy to squeeze out of the pouch into the warmer. Completely mess-free, which was my favorite thing about it. No dirty, burnt-chocolate-coated pots/pans to soak and clean afterwards!


You’re probably all thinking I should get to the taste of the chocolate already, huh? Well, I can assure you SoChatti’s dark chocolate did NOT disappoint. It has that rich dark chocolate taste, but was smooth and light enough to where it didn’t taste too strong or overbearing. My whole family enjoyed it, and we made sure to try it on just about everything. My favorite was on the strawberries and bananas. The rich chocolate is fantastic with the sweet taste of fruit.


As always, I also made sure to find a proper wine pairing. With fondue, you typically want to make sure you’re paying attention to the cacao content of the chocolate. For any in the 50-70% cacao range, you’d grab a bold Cabernet Sauvignon. Since all SoChatti chocolate is at least 70% cacao you’ll want to go with a more full-bodied red such as a Shiraz, Malbec or Bordeaux. Since Shiraz is one of my favorites, we went with a glass of that to compliment the rich melted chocolate.


Overall, I’m so pleased with the quality of SoChatti and how easy it was to use! Great taste, simple to make, and quick cleanup. I’m definitely going to be using more of it during the upcoming holiday season for any get togethers because it was a big hit with my whole family.


You can check out more SoChatti recipes here, and you can purchase it through Amazon here.



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